United airlines Cancellation

Understanding your options for refunds

If, depending on the nature of the timetable interruption, your travel schedules have been disrupted by COVID-19, you might be liable for a refund.

If you have not cancelled your travel yet, go to My Trips to cancel your reservation first and ask for a refund. You may be given a potential travel credit or a return back to the initial mode of payment, based on the type of ticket and disruption.

Fill out the refund form if you have already cancelled your reservation and we will email you shortly to let you know if your fare counts for a refund. Your refund will be paid back to your original method of payment, if your fare qualifies. Please allow us to process your request for up to 7 business days. The timing of refunds may be different for tickets bought at foreign locations.

For more info, review our refund policy below or use the Refund FAQ bot to learn more about refund availability and choices for United airlines Cancellation.

Repayment FAQ bot

Overview of Refund Scheme

Under our flexible 24-hour booking policy, if your ticket has been booked by United within the last 24 hours and you have finished your order one or two weeks before your original scheduled departure flight, you will be eligible for a modification or cancellation fee waiver.

Simple Economy tickets are not available for modification, but are eligible to earn full refunds within 24 hours of booking as long as you have completed your order one or two weeks prior to your original scheduled departure flight.

You should go to our Handle Reservations page to cancel your reservation and receive a refund if your fare is eligible.

Based on the country or area of your billing address, different rules will apply. Read more about France, Colombia, and Taiwan-specific policies.

In early June, we changed our refund guidelines to be more flexible. If you encountered a major disturbance of the United Timetable and were refused a refund between March 1, 2020 and June 6, 2020 and no refund between March 1, 2020 and June 6, 2020, Please fill out the refund form if you want to use the travel credit for longer, and we will check your application to decide if you are now eligible for a refund.

In any such situations, any fare that requires refunds can be asked for a refund. A United airlines cancellation charge can apply, depending on the rules for the fare bought. It might, however, be necessary to add the value of your ticket to the price of a new ticket for a fee. Tickets are valid for one year from the date of issuance of the fare, with the exception of tickets bought for 24 months between May 1, 2019 and March 31, 2020.

The size of the rebate you will receive depends on the amount Several causes. For example, depending on the rules of the ticket bought and segments flown, tickets that are partially traveled will be measured at a prorated number. Fees and surcharges charged in connection with the ticket can be refunded only where appropriate.

Within seven business days of the filing, credit card payments will be approved. Within 20 business days of the filing, all other returns will be accepted.

Your refund is transferred back to your initial payment form.

Claim a refund

Will you need to check your refund application status? Visit the website for refunds and open the ‘Check status’ tab on the right.


Service Payments for Luggage

If you have paid for one or more checked bags and do not fly as a result of a United airlinescancellation, change in schedule or schedule anomalies caused by United, baggage service fee refunds can be sought.

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